“A” For Effort

Well done, anxiosaurusrex! I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I’m a recent pal of your uncle, Steve. If your Dad was anything like Steve, he must have been pretty cool. You have a gift for writing. I hope you continue sharing with us!

anxiosaurus rex

The first time I had a Xanax, it took 20 minutes.  I don’t mean that it took 20 minutes to kick in, I mean that it took me 20 minutes to swallow it.  It balanced in my palm for 20 minutes while I deliberated about whether or not I should take it.  For those in the audience who have never heard of Xanax, it’s a medication for people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.  It’s meant to alleviate anxiety, not cause it.  Anxiety is funny like that though.  Before it sat in my palm for 20 minutes, the Xanax sat on my shelf for over a year so, by the time I took it, it was expired.

I burst forth into this world with anxiety.  Doesn’t everyone?  Isn’t crying the first act of our humanity?  We’re not crying because of the deeply spiritual experience of being born, we’re crying because…

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Activity vs. Accomplishment: A Job Seeker’s Wake-Up Call


If you’re looking for a job or a new career you don’t want to wait a second longer than necessary for that phone call, email or text that says, “You’re Hired!”

But a peculiar thing happens with most job seekers. They use job boards and respond to posts by blindly sending in their resumes or CVs with the same basic information as everyone else. Why? Because everyone else is doing it, a phenomenon called social proof, also known as the wisdom of the crowds.

Then they wait and wonder why no one is responding, why they’re not getting call backs or interviews; why they’re not getting the results or feedback they expect from their job search. Unfortunately, most people tend to follow the uneventful path of other job seekers like processionary caterpillars, foolishly following the one in front without their eye on the prize.

Activity vs. Accomplishment

A man named Fabre demonstrated the unique behavior of processionary caterpillars with a simple experiment. He took a flowerpot and placed the caterpillars in single file around the circumference of the pot’s rim. Each caterpillar’s head touched the one in front. He then placed the caterpillars’ favorite food in the middle of the circle created by the procession around the rim of the flowerpot. Each caterpillar mindlessly followed the one ahead, thinking that it was moving toward the food.

Round and round they went for seven days and seven nights. After a week of this activity, the caterpillars started to die from exhaustion and starvation. All they had to do to avoid death was to stop the senseless circling of the flowerpot and turn directly towards the food which was less than six inches away from them. But the processionary caterpillars were determined, at all costs, not to break from this unfortunate routine.

They mistook activity for accomplishment.

Unlike the caterpillars we have the ability to change our direction in life, yet it’s easy to confuse activity with accomplishment.

As a job hunter, you need to break the circle you’re in. Stop following others and start leading your search for the right job opportunity.

M.C. Escher, “Ascending and Descending”



If you’re in the automotive space, it’s right here in front of you, a click away.

Don’t get caught up in doing what everyone else is doing. Get results.

Your work history, resume, CV, references, testimonials and interviews should all resonate with value. Why should a prospective employer hire you vs. someone else?



We’re working with some big automotive clients including Lithia/DCH, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz dealers. If you have the right talent, interest, qualifications and you can bring the right value, I can begin helping you get out of that painful, processionary routine of searching for work… right now.

Don’t mistake activity for accomplishment. Keep your eye on the prize. Nothing else matters. In this case, it’s securing meaningful work.

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